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Youthpass expanded

Youthpass Expanded Training Course

Project Summary

Project type: Training Course. Erasmus+ Key Action 1. Mobility of Youth Workers. Youth Workers’ Training & Networking.


Main theme for the project:Competence development and validation with the YOUTHPASS.

The overall aim is promote the recognition of non-formal and informal learning.

Specific objectives:

1. Promotion of better use of the EU transparency and recognition tool YOUTHPASS

2. Improvement of the level of key competences and skills of youth professionals

3. Dissemination of good practices in the use of YOUTHPASS.

Profile of participants: Youth Workers, Youth Trainers, Mentors of EVS volunteers.

Number of participants: we encourage organizations to participate with 3 people each.

When & Where: Cyprus (city of Larnaca), 18- 26 November 2017 (travel dates 18 & 26 November).

Age of participants: there is no age limit.

Contact E-mail:

Cost: Food and accommodation is FREE.

Travel cost: we will cover the exact amount of your travel cost according to the receipts you will provide as long as it is not more than the amount foreseen by the programme.  You can calculate the travel cost here:

Safety & Insurance: a responsibility of the participants.

 Background of the project

YOUTHPASS is the strategy of the European Commission for the recognition of the competences gained by the participants in the different activities granted in the frame of Erasmus+/ Youth in Action Programme.

Since 2007, more than 631.000 young people and youth workers or leaders have received a Youthpass certificate, after their participation in more than 45.000 projects implemented by 20.140 different organisations in Europe.

Recognition of non formal learning in the youth field is about recognising the work and learning achievements of young people and those active in youth work and youth organisations.

As a recognition instrument, YOUTHPASS can be particularly beneficial for young people with fewer opportunities.

Analysis of the objectives of the training course:

* To learn how to support the young people to enhance the 8 competences validated by YOUTHPASS with our youth projects.

* To understand the importance of YOUTHPASS for young people with fewer opportunities especially those out of formal education.

* To exchange good practices in the use of YOUTHPASS.

* To explore tools to support self– assessment and reflection on learning.

* To develop the quality of youth work, youth training and volunteering in favor of the young people.

* To support the youth professionals and their organisations to promote the validation and certification of non formal learning.

* To identify potential partners in the labour market for the further utilisation of Youthpass.

* To discuss types of activities for which YOUTHPASS could be appropriate beyond the Youth field.

* To increase the visibility of YOUTHPASS.

* To increase the capacity of the partners at international level.

* To promote Erasmus+ .


Read the project description carefully.

Fill the Application form.

Send the filled form to the partner organisation in your country.

You can download both files from the bottom of this web page. 

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