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EVS en route to Employment

EVS en route to Employment

Project type: Erasmus+ Key Action 1. European Voluntary Service– EVS


Dates and duration: 6 months (1st of November 2017- 30th of April 2018)

Place: Nicosia, Cyprus

Host Organisation: SEAL CYPRUS

PIC NUMBER: 948042402

EVS Accreditation number: 2016-1-CY02-KA110-831

Main theme of the project:


With the project "EVS en route to Employment", we want to have a positive impact on society by changing young people's lives for the better. The main issues we want to address are youth unemployment and capacity building of the youth organisations. With this educational EVS program we seek to:

a. improve of the personal & professional competences and the life- skills of the EVS volunteers.

b. to support the capacity building of the partner organisations.


Background of the project:

The youth unemployment rate in the European Union in February 2017 was 17.3 % which interprets into 3.905 million unemployed young people. This EVS project will create opportunities for competence development that young people might not get otherwise. Having an active role in a youth organisation will help the young people to develop important personal and professional skills that can be transferred to any job they might choose after their EVS.


Duties: “EVS EN ROUTE TO EMPLOYMENT” is going to be tri-fold educational project.

The EVS volunteers will learn by:

1.   Supporting the everyday tasks of SEAL CYPRUS regarding the implementation of existing projects and activities.

2.   Using the Digital Media in order to promote the visibility of SEAL CYPRUS, the Dissemination & Exploitation of Project Results and the Programme “Erasmus+/ Youth in Action”.

3.   Assisting the volunteering program of SEAL CYPRUS in cooperation with entities such us the Multinational Center “Rainbow” of the Nicosia Municipality Multifunctional Foundation.

The volunteers will be supported to work on a personal project of their own initiative.

Profile of the participants: Young people aged between 17 and 30, residents in the country of their sending organisation. We are looking for altruistic, motivated young people who want to support our organisation with their strengths and to improve their personal and professional competences.

Age of volunteers: 17- 30

Number of volunteers: 3 people

Place: Nicosia, Cyprus

Address: P.O. BOX 28914, 2084, Nicosia, Cyprus  


Financial Aspects: Accommodation will be provided by SEAL CYPRUS.

A monthly allowance of 120 euros will be given to the volunteers plus money for food.

Travel cost: We will cover the travel cost according to the rules of the programme.

The volunteers will need to keep the receipts and the boarding passes.

Safety & Insurance: Cigna insurance which will be covered by Erasmus+.

How to participate:

For sending organisations: Send us your Partner Identification Form (PIF) along with the Mandate to  You can download both forms from

 For interested EVS volunteers: Fill the Application Form that you will find in and send it along with your CV to and to your organisation with the subject: ‘EVS in Cyprus’. 

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