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Youth Dandelion: Spreading Project Results

Dandelion_Call for Partners

SEAL CYPRUS is looking for partners for a Capacity Building Project.

Main theme for the project: Capacity building for the youth organisations. Acquisition of competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in order to improve personal development and employability. Support of the professional development of those who work in the field of youth in order to improve the quality of youth work.

Description of the project:

The project will bring together youth workers and youth leaders in order to explore ways to increase the impact of their projects within their organisations and their communities. The partners will explore the potential of non-formal education methods and techniques in creating original projects in order to address the needs of young people. Special focus will be given in the use of information communication technologies in order not only to coordinate (international) projects but also to multiply their impact. The people involved will be trained in ways to use open source software and the social media in order to maximise the influence of their work with the youth. A guide for dissemination and exploitation of results will be created with the contribution of all the partners.

By augmenting their skills, the young people involved will make a better use of non-formal education and will raise the visibility of their projects. This way they will support their own target groups, in particular young people with fewer opportunities (i.e. young people from remote or rural areas, young people in unemployment), in becoming more effective and more visible.

The outcome of the training is expected to have a strong effect in the youth and their communities.

Profile of people to be involved: Trainers, youth workers, youth leaders, volunteers.

Programme: Erasmus+ 


In order to become our partners, your organisation must have a valid PIC number. This is the 9-digit PIC (Participant Identification Code) number that will be used as a reference by the Commission in any future interactions. A single registration is required for each organisation in the system. To register your organisation you can go here:

To apply: 1. Fill- in the questionnaire "Youth Dandelion- Needs Analysis" and 2. Send us the profile of your organisation at with the subject “Dandelion….name of your country” and your PIC number.