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"ARTSQUAD" Strategic Partnership


Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action: Strategic Partnerships
Field: Strategic Partnerships for youth
Main objective: Development of Innovation

Project Identification

Project Title: Competence development of youth workers & youth trainers who work towards the social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities
Project Acronym: ARTSQUAD


HORIZONTAL: Inclusive education, training and youth
YOUTH: Promoting high-quality of youth work




With the project ARTSQUAD we want to offer to the target- group of youth professionals (youth workers and youth trainers) an opportunity for professional development along with innovative tools to use in their work with young people with fewer opportunities.

According to the report "Working with young people: the value of youth work in the EU" (European Commission- EACEA, 2014), there is a high risk of unemployment for youth professionals while there is also a lack of support measures for their professional development. In our daily practice we have witnessed that the youth professionals are not always ready to respond to the emerging needs of disadvantaged youth. Given that one third of young people in the European Union are at risk of social exclusion, we want to want to address the urging need for continuous competence development to those working with young people with fewer opportunities.

The EU Youth Strategy recognises the relevance of youth work to mitigating the effects of social exclusion amongst young people. The end beneficiaries of ARTSQUAD are going to be young people with disadvantaged backgrounds and / or fewer opportunities due to disability, educational difficulties, economic obstacles, cultural differences (immigrants or refugees/ asylum seekers), health problems, social obstacles, or geographical obstacles.

294 youth professional working with disadvantaged youth in Cyprus, Ireland, Belgium and Romania- of which 19, approximately, are with fewer opportunities themselves- are going to be more actively involved in the project as members of the target group (at policy and practice level regarding Youth Work & Social Inclusion)  and the local sub-groups, will complete the first iteration of the new curriculum in each partner country , will attend the dissemination seminars and the final conference. 
At least 1.000 people are going to benefit indirectly through our activities for the dissemination of the project results and the exploitation of its results. These beneficiaries are going to be approached through relevant media and social media at local, national and European levels but also with personal contact, meetings and visits. Another 2.500 people will receive the project newsletters and will be informed by media coverage .

Consortium partners believe that there is a gap in the provision of training for professionals working with marginalized young people where the use of creative disciplines is concerned. To address this deficit, the project will develop, test and pilot innovative tools to introduce youth professionals to the use of digital media, storytelling, drama and music for the development of key competences. These tools include a suite of train-the-trainer materials,  an E-Learning Portal, a full suite of modules for a train-the-trainer curriculum and a suite of 8 prototype tools developed using the above artistic disciplines.

With the use of these tools the youth professionals can reduce disparities in learning outcomes affecting learners with disadvantaged backgrounds and we can support them to acquire social, civic, digital,  intercultural competences and media literacy. 

The partners will follow an innovative, integrated enquiry-based learning approach based in non formal education methods and tools. ARTSQUAD proposes a new approach to key competence building in youth work environments which is based on a youth-centered design approach. The course-ware supports free agent learners allowing youth professional and young people the opportunity to learn in new, exciting and engaging ways. For many disadvantaged youth, formal education approaches have failed to deliver the learning outcomes required in todays economy and the creative arts can be a more effective teaching method to acquire basic and transversal skills such as social and civic competence, digital competence, cultural awareness and expression, entrepreneurship and critical thinking. 

ARTSQUAD will equip the youth professionals with practical tools to use in their everyday work with disadvantaged youth. It will also support them to work in non-conventional environments and will enhance their employability, their reputation, professionalism and standing even if they now work in completely different educational settings. This way the youth professional will become more efficient in supporting the social inclusion of disadvantaged youth to formal education or employment and their progression as valued and contributing members of European society.
Ultimately, the project will impact the impact and recognition of youth work.